A downloadable game for Windows

Very early playable prototype of Myrmidon.

Features Myrmidon in a long room where you can "lose" by falling in the pitfall and being spotted by the camera and promptly returned to the start point. You can move, jump, and "die".

Now features two more cameras to overcome, and a right pit where you can fall and be returned to the start point for faster testing.

Added a menu at start, and different songs in start and game, with an intro and loop in the game section.

Added a platforming section with sliders for the different movement-involved variables, in case anyone is uncomfortable and wants to try fiddling with it, if you do please do share your thoughts in the comments, and possibly a screenshot with what you went for!

Platforming section unaccessible for now as I rework the movement physics again.


Left and Right keys or A and D for movement

Space for Jump

Alt+F4 or equivalent in other OSs to exit as I introduced no menu or key to exit, sorry about that.

Last upload: 01 December 2016, 16:12 GMT+1

Please redownload if you last downloaded it before this time and want to have the latest iteration! Thank you so much!

Install instructions

Just extract the .zip in any folder, and double-click MyrmidonProtoBuild0.001 to play (in Windows). Follow similar procedure to other Unity games in other OS.

In case it doesn't work in your system, try the x86 version.


MyrmidonProtoBuild0.001.7z 10 MB
MyrmidonProtoBuild0.001x86.7z 9 MB

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